Retractable Blade Scalpel

Protection at all times.

Are you safe?

Sharp tip blade can cause injury during use.

Round tip scalpel blades provide protection during use.


Safety features of safety scalpels are frequently not activated and blade tips are left exposed, leading to injury during use, hand to hand passing or after use.


The SAFhandleTM retractable safety scalpels are fitted with SAFhandleTM round tip safety blades to ensure protection at all times.


Of the 1,700 recorded scalpel injuries, 19% occurred during safety device activation; 7% of those injuries occurred because the user improperly activated the safety device. In 27% of recorded injuries, the user did not activate the safety feature at all.

Sharp tip blades may be left exposed leading
to injury.

SAFhandleTM round tip scalpel blades provide protection at all times.