Safety Scalpel Blades

Protection when scalpels are in use.

Round tip scalpel blades provide protection during use.

DiamantineTM coated edge. Retains sharpness longer.


Regardless of when scalpel injuries take place- they occur due to a sharp tip scalpel blade. Safety scalpels, currently available on the market, cannot prevent injuries during use or when exposed because these scalpels are loaded with a sharp-tipped blade.


The CDC, AORN and EPINET recommend round tip scalpel blades as a solution for preventing sharps injuries.

The SAFhandleTM safety scalpel blades have a round tip to prevent sharp injuries when the scalpel is in use or exposed.


Scalpel blades are more likely than needles to cause deep injuries due to their sharp tips.

69.8% of scalpel blade injuries occur during use.

CDC, AORN, EPINet recommend round tip scalpel blades
to prevent sharps injuries.