Protective Shield Scalpel

Protection during use.

Which is safer?

Sharp tip blade can cause injury during use.

Round tip scalpel blades provide protection during use.


Regardless of when scalpel injuries take place- they occur due to a sharp tip scalpel blade. Safety scalpels, currently available on the market, cannot prevent injuries during use or when exposed because these scalpels are loaded with a sharp tipped blade. Scalpel blades are more likely than needles to cause deep or otherwise severe injuries due to their sharp tips.


Round tip scalpel blades are recommended as a solution for reducing percutaneous injuries by the the CDC, AORN and EPINET of the University of Virginia's International Healthcare Worker Safety Center.


In a recent study nearly 69.8% of the scalpel injuries occurred during use.

Scalpel injuries occur due to sharp tip scalpel blades.

CDC, AORN, EPINet recommend round tip scalpel blades to prevent sharps injuries.